Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FOB Rankings Functionality

The FOB NZ Rankings have been going for over a year now. Recently we added Flames of War to the mix. In the past year we've done a number of upgrades, specifically:

  • Individual Players Pages
  • Ranking Points Calculator
  • Icons for Masters Winners, Most Events Played, Most Armies Used
  • Masters Mode so you can plot progress to NZ Masters
So are there other things that players want? What further functionality etc could we add to improve the experience. 

We're not looking to change the dynamics of the ranking model e.g. To a Chess type player ranking. But we are looking to expand functionality within general parameters

Post your thoughts in Comments. Can't promise that they will or even can be done however we will look at every idea closely. 


  1. ummmmm maybe some clarify around how many points are awarded for a placing at a particular event.

    ie you can enter the number of players, the number of rounds and get a break down of what points the top (say) 10 placings would give.

    1. or even just a copy of the formula.

    2. Pretty sure you can already do this. Open up the rankings tab and there is a calculator at the top.

  2. Sweet. The rankings page crashes my poor work computer (stuck on IE 8) so I couldn't check - it was something I didnt remember being time I'll remember to check on another computer before commenting O_o

    Ok - how about a feature to see how far off an icon you are/how many "points" are associated with an Icon eg Joel - Empire Icon 150.5pts. Maybe not on the front page, but under their player profile.

    This means that if someone wants to get the icon they can work out how close they are (I assume the Icon is based on the best X number of results with a race????)

    1. That is something I've got on my to-do list. When you click the name of a race, or the icon, you'll get shown a page with the rankings for that army (and the icon holder will be at the top, naturally).

      I also want to put in page where you can see the best performing armies in the country, based on the top 10-20 results for each army. At the very least, it'll give people something to moan about!