Monday, February 10, 2014

Adepticon, Hobby, NZTC and the ETC

A quiet weekend for me this week. Hobby wise I painted up the base colours for the first Death Guard apothecary and started on the second. Once these two guys are finished I’ve only got my second Legion Tactical Squad and my Terminator character to do to finish my 1850 point Adepticon army.
Speaking of Adepticon, prep is well underway. I am playing in the Heresy event, the WHFB Teams and the WHFB Championship. My partner in the Teams is Battlefront’s North American head, john Matthews and we’ve finalised our lists for the event. John is using Ogres and I am bringing Daemons of Chaos. Given 140 teams and three rounds, the event is a bit of a lottery in terms of results but we should have some fun. Jeff Kent and Monty Skilton are also playing in the Teams.
For the Championships, I’ve decided to take my Skaven. It is a no-comp event but rather than optimise the power level I’m going to take a variant of my normal list. Again the number of participants (180) versus rounds (5) makes any results a crapshoot. Conceivably you could have six people maxing out in battle, for instance. I’ve been listening to a couple of the Adepticon podcasts and they have indicated that you’ll need to have Fortitude of at least 4 to succeed in their scenarios.
I’m really looking forward to Adepticon – the convention aspect is a great draw. I can’t wait to see all the Trade Stands and especially the various armies people have constructed for the events.
The von Trapps also submitted their lists for the NZ Team Championships. All were double checked so not expecting any problems. Happy with the mix and expect we’ll be competitive (Top 5). Less than three weeks to go.
My other hobby task this weekend was to book my flights for the ETC in August. I’ve decided to fly across leaving the weekend before to ensure that adjust to new timezone prior to event. On the way back I’m going to stop in Istanbul for three days. Managed to book the necessary flights now just waiting for the credit card hit.
This morning on my way out the door for work, I stepped over a parcel from Croatia. This is the Tabletop World Coaching Inn I ordered in December. Once I’ve finished the Death Guard this will be my next project. I’d love to have it on the table for Runefang.

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