Friday, February 14, 2014

Review - Battle Geeks Line of Sight Laser

For the past 4-5 years I have had a Laser Fuchs Wargames Pointer I purchased from Irresistible Force in Brisbane. It has been great and helps to quickly solve any discussion as to whether something is in arc or not.

Recently I found a number of gaming sites selling a slightly larger laser pointer made by Battle Geeks. This works the same way by projecting a perfectly straight line perpendicular onto the table.

Nice and easy, you immediately know if somebody can see something.

The Battle Geeks laser is slightly bigger and sturdier than the Laser Fuchs pointer. It is a 5" long by 0.75" round metal tube with on/off button on end and powered by two CR2 batteries. There is also a small strap so you can attach your templates to it if you so wish.

One thing that distinguishes it from the Fuchs is that it has a focus control on its  light emitting end. This lets you control dispersion of the beam to get a nice tightly focused line. The intensity of the beam is similar to that of the Fuchs providing a highly visible line in all but the brightest sunshine.

The mechanism seems very good. I've always had a fear that my existing one would malfunction at some point (it hasn't in 5 years) and so I'm giving it a rest for awhile.

I purchased mine from Firestorm Games but be aware it comes without batteries (some silly law about them being illegal to post). With two new CR2 batteries this will set you back around $NZ 72 including post.

I Suggested To Nurgle That It Would Be Cool To Attach A Freakin' Laser To His Head But He Seemed Reluctant To Embrace The New Technology

Eventually He Came Around To My Way Of Thinking
"I'm A Freakin' Cat With A Freakin' Laser On My Head"

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  1. Ah.. so he's the Nurgle from the 40k universe... always wondered.