Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exclusive: Leaked Footage From von Trapp Training Camp

Secret footage of the von Trapp Family's training to retain their NZTC Crown has emerged.

It is not possible to determine what armies they are using. Or is it?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that at 1:43 minutes into the video, what looks like a High Elf Lore master can be seen behind Cousin Joe's head. Coincidence? Clue? Or maybe a cunning rouse to throw you off the scent.

It has been suggested that the order in which the children leave the scene is a further clue to the Lore choice Jack Dunn is using. Spooky!

I guess all will be revealed in time.


  1. thats 1min 56 seconds of my life I am not getting back...


  2. Pete, can you please confirm the colour scheme for these Bretonnians you're currently getting me to paint prior to March?

  3. I must say you look very pretty in your skirts. Looking forward to seeing you in them at the NZTC.