Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sticking to the Plan

Okay, I had two hobby New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.
The first was to get my Death Guard legion finished in time for Adepticon and to achieve this I created a schedule and also started creating extra hobby time by painting prior to work. This has been pretty successful so far. I have largely finished my Grave Wardens and my Spartan (5+ hours with weathering powders and another 3-4 applying mud on the weekend). The last two evenings I have base coated my extra Deathshroud Terminators. Once I finish their shoulder pads then they will be ready for oil wash and weathering as well. That leaves just Typhion, 10 Tactical Marines and two Apothecaries to finish giving me my 1850 point Adepticon list. The other thing I have done is paint up “Infested” Terminator bases from Dark Art Studios. At the current rate I am hoping to have it finished and on the table by the end of February. I’ll then be able to get a couple of games in before heading to Chicago – probably smart since I’ve played no 6th Ed games and only a handful of 5th Ed.
My second solution was to curtail my spending on miniatures until I work my way through all the unpainted figures and half-finished projects I have accumulated over the years. The only pass I gave myself was for Forgeworld Heresy, Tabletop World terrain and if perchance GW release new Skaven models. So one month in how am I going? Well I’m sticking to plan. My hobby spend (including postage) in January was as follows:
Calas Typhion (Death Guard Special Character) – Forgeworld - $72
“Infested” Terminator Bases – Dark Art Studios - $27
Artist’s Turpentine – Gordon Harris - $10
So all up $109. However the key thing is that I’ve stuck to my plan and the great plastic/resin/metal mountain has stopped growing.
Another update next month.

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