Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NZTC Rapidly Approaching

The NZTC is just under four weeks away. This year there are 16 teams of four competing making it NZ’s largest Fantasy event in my memory (cue jokes around early onset Alzheimer’s). We have teams participating from all around New Zealand plus two and a half team’s venturing across from Australia.
Obviously there is a far bit of organisation that goes into this. Last Friday Umpire peter Williamson sent out a note to captains reminding them that lists are due next Friday, February 14th (seriously, what were you going to do on Valentine’s Day anyway). Also the army list template went out as well. This allows teams to collate their four lists and send them through as one to Peter. You must use this template – it makes the Umpire’s life degrees of magnitude easier with standard format and makes my life easier when it comes to hosting/posting lists after checking. There are also penalties for late lists so please get them in on time.
As you can imagine 32 tables are difficult to populate with terrain from the Fields of blood warehouse. Therefore I would be extremely grateful if any locals who are able to bring terrain let me know. It works far better if it is a full table (including cloth) as then we can keep it all together and ensure that you get it all back. I do have some spare cloths though if you have the terrain.
Getting excited about the event?


  1. Replies
    1. I'm going to turn everything to GOLD GOLD. 6DM

    2. Thats right mang, first victoria, then nz, then the wooooooorld!

    3. I feel obliged to also post my excitement here for team unity.

      Shirts Off, Baby!!! Look forward to having another trophy in the cabinet!

    4. So we have the Shirts Off!! boys on one hand, and the DILFs on the other.

      Just as well homo-eroticism is always funny.

    5. They'll keep each other entertained