Monday, February 10, 2014

Serbian DILFcon

The very strangely named Auckland  gaming group based out of Ponsonby - The DILFs - have contacted me about their upcoming event. I indicated that while I was broadminded that sort of thing was not really my cup of tea but good luck to all you guys.

However they then indicated that they were looking to run a wargaming event on the weekend  of 7/8 June. The provisional venue for this is the Onehaunga RSA which is a great locale for out of towners, close to the airport and with nice cheap accommodation. I've been to this venue a couple of times when Dave Grant ran Tin Soldiers there. Did I mention there is a bar?

Prizes Will Be Awarded For Authentic National Costume

Comp will be the final ETC comp for the 2014 event in Novi-Sad, Serbia - hence the name. I'll post details in the WHFB Calendar but if you are looking at doing an Auckland event this year then this deserves your strong consideration. Hopefully most of this year's NZ-based ETC team can get along for some solid gaming and it gives others the opportunity to try out a comp system that gets a lot of Warhammer media coverage.

I'll certainly be traveling up to it and hopefully I can encourage some other Wellingtonians to venture into the Chaos Wastes.

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  1. Thanks Pete, people can get in touch with me or the team through twitter, email and there will be an event thread on City Guard.