Monday, December 8, 2014

7th Annual NZ Masters Weekend

The 7th Annual Fields of Blood New Zealand Masters were held over the weekend and we have new 'Masters" in each period.

In Fantasy our new Champion is James Brown who took his Teclis-led High Elves to a resounding victory. James scored 92/100 points which showed his dominance over the weekend. He effectively won the event in the 3rd Round when he beat Second Place Peter Williamson (Wood Elves) 19-1. Antony Kitson steamrolled his way to the podium beating John Willenbruch 18-2 in the last round.

The battle for the Wooden Spoon was very intense. In the last round Sam Whitt had to beat Dan Butler by at least 13-7 to jump in. He fell just short but given only two points separated the bottom three is a testimony to the tightness of that race. I witnessed both Sam and Dan have awful runs of luck all weekend.

From an umpiring point of view everything went really well. There were a couple of curly questions but we managed to work through them to everyone's satisfaction. Unfortunately for me, I had picked up some sort of bug Friday so had a splitting headache all weekend. I sat there at times chugging back water and trying to keep my coffee down.

Thanks to all the players for making it such a relaxed event. Full sports for everyone!

We also had 40k. Luckily I had talked Hagen into running it and he did a great job. It was very tight with Dean Bradley winning it on VPs from Josh Evans.

Thanks to all the 40k guys for supporting the event. Everyone seemed to enjoy it so Hagen must have done a good job.

In Flames of War I was looking after data input. Michael Haycock (2013 Master) led until the last round when Simon McBeth beat him in a tight battle. This allowed Bede Bailey to slip through to win the event - and accolade of 2014 Master. Simon and Michael finished equal on points but Simon snagged Second by virtue of winning their head to head game.

I was very happy with how the weekend went. At one stage I looked across the hall and you could see 32 gamers fighting their battles and there was a real buzz in the room.

Next year's Masters will be held in Hamilton. Isaac Henderson has kindly put up his hand to run the event



  1. I've added in the masters icons for the winners. Giving one to James feels a bit wrong though...

  2. Just thought of this is there a way for the system to acknowledge those that qualified and went to Masters and not just who won it? Whether it is including masters results and zeroing out the points for it so it doesn't contribute to rankings points or something else.