Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NZ Masters - 40k and Flames of War Photos

I also took the opportunity to snap some photos from the 40k and Flames competitions.

The 40k competition was hard fought coming down to a VP tiebreaker to determine the winner.

There were two Eldar armies - one Iyanden and the other vanilla - as well as two Astra Militarum forces.

Here eventual winner Dean Bradley maneourves his Inquisition force versuses the Iyanden.

Josh Evans up against Frank Redmond's Ultramarines.

And here Space Wolves battle the evil Necrons.

The Flames of War tables looked good as always. Late War saw a mix of armies with a bias towards Germans. Russell Briant had three Jagdtigers running around while Mike Haycock's Panzer Lehr had swathes of antitank guns.

Second place Simon McBeth (above) beat last year's Master Mike Haycock (below) in the last round. This allowed Bede Bailey to take out the event.

Here are some shots of the various tables.


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  1. Its an Alaitoc army Iyanden is predominantly Yellow with blue accents whereas Alaitoc is Blue with yellow accents.