Monday, December 1, 2014

NZTC Composition

The release of the End Times has certainly shaken things up dramatically. As far as the tournament scene goes I can see a real state of "flux" for the next few months.
Over the past few weeks Tim Joss (NZTC Umpire) and myself have had discussions about what this meant for the NZTC. With the release of the third volume, we have made a decision on the tournament's comp so people can plan with some surety.
So the comp for the 2015 event will be as follows:
  • FOB Lite
  • No Special Characters
  • No End Times Lists or Rules
  • No more than three of same character choice e.g. Three Skaven Engineers, three DE Masters etc
Note: New GW Errata allowing up to 50% Lords and up to 50% Heroes will be in place

I'm sure over time that the integration of End Times will occur however at present there are just too many balls in the air to know conclusively where/when that it.

Please note that the aim of the event is not to break the comp and if a list should eventuate that Tim thinks would detract from opponents' joy of the game* then I reserve the right for him to send it back.

*Obviously this against a backdrop where both Dwarfs and Dark Elves are being allowed to participate. 


  1. NZTC - Assuming the "standard" 2400 points Pete?

  2. Nothing std about NZTC !

  3. Let's get ready to ruuuummmmbbbllleee

  4. No Tetto'eko... :-(. He'll just have to be replaced by a Slann. Jeff would probably tell me I needed to do that anyway...