Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Zealand - Singapore ETC Challenge Shield

Prior to this year's ETC, the New Zealand team played Singapore in a warm-up game.

This match was very hard-fought with the Singaporeans eventually prevailing 82-78. It was a great hit-out for us and allowed us to then rethink some of our matchups and approaches.

I was keen that this pre-ETC battle become a tradition and so, as losing Captain, said that I would provide a trophy for future events.

I've finally been into the local trophy makers and had the following created:

It is a solid chunk of heart Rimu (a New Zealand native), laser-etched and with matchup "shields" for upcoming tussles.

I'm now in the throes of getting it to Dave the Singaporean Captain so that they can display it in their shop/club and bring it along to the ETC in Prague for the next battle.



  1. awesome Pete! I look forward to having a crack at bringing it back to NZ next year.

  2. Very nice touch, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.