Friday, December 19, 2014

Army Rating - December Update

Time for the quarterly update of the Army Ratings based on the rankings from the UK, Australia and NZ. These were last done in September so let's see how things have changed.

There is some jockeying in the UK with DoC pushing Dark Elves out of top spot. Small rise for WoC and similar drop for Ogres. The interesting development is the debut of Wood Elves in the Top 10. I expect we'll see them move up over the next few months.

In Oz the real story is the demise of WoC (counter to UK) as they drop three places. The Wood Elves continue their rise.

NZ - the smallest of the three communities - sees DoC fall from 3rd. Dark Elves take out the top spot as a number of players have piled onto the Brolock train. Again the big mover is Wood Elves, up four spots.

The consolidated table makes note resting reading. (Just repeating - for Neil you get 10 points for a 1st Place, 9 points for 2nd etc. Each race has a score from 0-30).

It really is a story of Elves and Chaos.

Both Chaos armies have taken a small hit but the big four remain well above the rest of the field. Empire retains its 5th Place (small increase) but is now being threatened by the rise of the Wood Elves that have added 9 points in the quarter. The return of Ballistic Skill shooting has been well and truly confirmed.

Both Lizards and Ogres have taken a hit points wise and there are distinct gaps opening up - Top 4, next 2, Lizards, the rest.

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.


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  1. Evidence that Skaven are horribly under powered and need a large blast warp lightning cannon, half-cost Hellpit and access to Gyrocoptors.