Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NZ Masters - Fantasy Photos

On Saturday I took some photos of the Fantasy event as it kicked off.

The first round saw the two Dwarf players drawn against each other. There ensued much grumbling. McCrae (near camera) looks ready to castle while Antony (head in hands) looks like he's lost the will to live.

John Willenbruch and Jeff Kent get ready to deploy for Dawn Attack.
Sam Whitt (Dark Elves) and Peter Williamson (Woodies) look forward to three hours of avoidance. Peter managed a crushing victory which unfortunately for Sam set the tone of his weekend.

Dan Butler (red shirt) and Kelly Gragg in a WoC-off. Dan won this battle 16-4 but then things spiralled quickly to "dire" for the rest of the weekend. Kelly recovered to finish 4th with a list that had Vilitch, Scyla and Throgg.

Greg Greenfield and James Brown had an elf-off in round one. James won and went on to win the event.

Looking back up the hall.

Next view shots give you an idea of some of the tables. We play TLOS and have Mysterious Woods. Most of the buildings on show are Tabletop World, trees are GF9 and hills home made.






  1. Great photos!, I noticed some other tables in the background, historical games?

    1. Yeah 40k was on in the background... you know that historical game that used to be cool :P

      Flames of War was at the rear of the hall.

  2. Whats with the card board movement trays for the Hellcannon.....................#hobbygamer

  3. Why don't we use the mysterious building and fence rules?

    1. BRB only defines rivers and forests as mysterious. FOB/Neil Williamson events include marshes most likely because rivers are never (or rarely) part of the terrain deployed.

      p142 Small BRB has the rules for deploying randomised obstacles, steadfast santums/sinister structures, marshes, magical mysteries. The randomised roll happens before deployment so a "ghost fence" is deployed as opposed to a fence that could be one of the options. Buildings are never randomised/mysterious as they are (sadly) ordinary.


      Joel v

  4. Clever photography on photos 3 and 8 Pete, where the yellow floor line encircles the bottom of Sam's shirt.