Tuesday, December 2, 2014

End Times: The Rise of the Under-Empire

The intrawebz are telling me that Skaven (especially) and Lizardmen are the focus of the next End Times book:

Skaven background will focus on an invasion of Lustria and inlcude a lot of information on Lizardmen and “the plan” as well. While the book will be Skaven focused, it will still have a heavy Lizardmen flavor as the main plot lines focus around them.

It will also discuss the “Great Ascendancy” which will include the Horned Rat and the rise of the Skaven to the surface to enslave all of mankind (or attempt to). The true roots of Skaven will also be discussed. It will also cover Skaven happenings around the Warhammer World, including the Dwarfs, the Chaos Invasion and the return of Nagash and how the rats fit into the whole picture.

The Skaven are not too keen on the whole end of times motif for the obvious negative effects it will have on their survival...so as usual they plot and scheme to ensure that their best interests are served in the end with others doing their dirty work. Not to play spoiler, but it sounds as though they will play a pivotal role in undoing the nefarious plans of the dark powers.

There will be new models accompanying the release to include:
  • New Vermin Lord (Horned Rat) BIG Kit....
  • Lord Skrolk
  • Lord Nurglitch
  • Grey Seer Thanquol and Bone Ripper
  • Grey Seer on Foot
  • Rat Ogres
  • Dual kit with Poisoned Wind Globadiers and Plague Censer Bearers
That sounds like an awful lot of Skaven "love". I'm not sure that I believe it all. I hope so but it does sound like a bit of a wishlist.


  1. the moon is made of cheese, rats like cheese. Morrslieb is made of warpstone, Skaven like warpstone. Prepare for outer space rat-lovers!

  2. Tetto'eko dies. You heard it here first. And from a gaming perspective Mazdamundi is going up in price.

  3. The first and last items on that list I can see happening... big kit plus globs/censers... not so much the rest tho as there are already plastic options for the R.ogres and Seer. Is there a Black Library novel preceeding this one like there was the other 3?

  4. Can't wait. Been ages since I had some new rats to paint.
    I think the Vermin Lord is likely, no idea about the other stuff on the list.