Monday, December 22, 2014

Rundown to Holidays

Two more days of work and then I am off for 12 days. The rundown to the break has definitely started.

I've had a funny December so far. Rather than being a period of purchases, I've spent the month selling off surplus stuff. Over the past few weeks I've sold an Ultraforge Dragon, the Fortress of Redemption and a Realm of Battle Gameboard. This has swelled the coffers most satisfyingly but the money has stayed "un-reinvested" as there is nothing pressingly required. Interestingly I think this year represents probably my least spend on new product - virtually all purchases have been books or iBooks.

Hard to see that changing in the short term. The next End Times release is up for purchase in early Jan - and rumoured to be Skaven - but it would need to involve new plastic kits for me to open the wallet apart from the ibook.

Over the first part of the break I'm looking to build my last plastic purchases - the Blightkings and Maggoth Lord. The Blightkings are going to be used as Nurgle charioteers.

I've also got my Tablescapes table and if the weather is good then that may well see some love.

Other than that the Mortis Engine and SotT still are unfinished on the painting desk and my undercoated Pestigors need some love.

Yesterday also saw me do a seasonal cull of Warhammer podcasts. There were a number of shows I have given up on. I appreciate all the efforts that people go to in putting these together but with a general blossoming in the numbers of offerings I've needed to get more picky. I've kept subs to those I enjoy the most and hit the delete subscription on the others. Generally those cut were casts where there was a large proportion on their own local tournament scene and tournament reports which while occasionally interesting can struggle for relevance to a wider audience. My playlist now comprises Heelenhammer, Bad Dice, Pointhammered, Skull Bros, Garagehammer, Kiwihammer, Hobby Craic, Jaded Gamercast and The Black Sun. As they vary from weekly to spasmodically, it provides plenty of listening.

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