Tuesday, March 7, 2017

KoW- Mantic's Summer Campaign

I recently listened to the Countercharge podcast episode that featured Rob Burmann from Mantic Games. He was on there to discuss the upcoming Summer Campaign being run in Mantica.

He is currently writing the background material and the campaign book for the conflict. In this there will be new information on the motivation of each of the races plus rules for some new characters.

However what really interested me was some of the information on the actual mechanics. My take was that the races would be split into two factions - Good and Evil - so there will be marriages of convenience for the Neutral races. There are to be six regional hotspots within Mantica, each with their own background. You will be able to play battles that reflect these battlegrounds and the results will will affect the future history. This may be an expanding or contracting of the Abyss or the construction of a bridge by the Abyssal Dwarfs across the sea separating them from the Dwarf lands.

What is really compelling is that the effects that would occur based on the outcome in a particular theatre are spelled out in black and white in the campaign book - No Games Workshop Eye of Terror or Storm of Chaos campaign shenanigans where they airbrushed Chaos victories.

This then gives the community a real opportunity to participate and shape Mantic fluff going forward.

As a veteran of the Eye of Terror Summer Campaign I saw how the community can organise and actually try to implement a strategy. In today's world of Facebook it is far easier than it was then when we relied on yahoo-groups, forums and email.

My suggestion is that each race should organise their activities through their KoW Fanatics Race Sub-Groups e.g. Gathering the Herd etc. if each of these groups then appoints a representative to the Good or Evil High Command then some degree of Organisation in strategies and initiatives can be achieved. All this would require is two closed Facebook groups one for Good HQ and the other for Evil HQ.

Strategy could be agreed in those groups and directed back to the Race Sub-Groups e.g. Ogres we want you to direct your efforts in support of the Abyssal Dwarfs to try and dominate the theatre representing the Dwarf border. If success starts to mount then Ratkin could also be directed to post their battle results there.

I think that this would be game-building for the KoW community and really make us feel as we had skin in the game.

What an opportunity we have!


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  1. Sounds fun it would be cool if you see any cool reports to link them here for those of us just Mantic Fanciers!