Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Still not much done on the creative side of the hobby this week though I managed to get back down to the forgeworld and fire up the 3-D printer.

One of the most important things with 3-D printing is ensuring that your print bed is level as everything stems from this. It dictates whether your nozzle under or over-extrudes determining how successful your print is. For whatever reason, I have struggled getting mine consistently in the "Goldilocks" zone. The tutorials will tell you that it is when the clearance is the height of a piece of paper so you need to adjust until it grips the paper. Last week I decided a more scientific method was to know the exact gap and adjust exactly. So I went to the autoshop and bought a $10 feeler gauge. Guess what? It works. I now adjust my nozzle to .08mm above the print bed and each print has been great.

Armed with my trusty feeler gauge, I have continued printing my trenchworks with another three straight sections finished Sunday. I should finish this project this week and then I'll switch to printing some KoW ziggurats.

I ordered some of the Frostgrave Cultists and these arrived late in the week. My intention is to make some up early this week and post a review.

A post on the KoW Fanatics Facebook page alerted me to the Mierce Miniatures Monster madness promotion currently running. Here you buy one monster and you get a second (up to the same value free). It runs until midweek. As it is my birthday this month I spoke nicely to the lovely Mrs. Dunn and she agreed I could order models that could then populate the present requirements of the extended family. Score!

Finally Lliam and I had a game this morning trying out our "newish" armies in light of the CoK 2017 pack. We have the first of the Warlords Super Series coming up in a fortnight and so it was an opportunity to practice for the event. I took some pictures and will get a battle report up in the next 48 hours.

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