Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Got through quite a bit this week.

First, I ordered the trophies for the upcoming Kings of War WSS Summer tournament. I lodged my list and over the past few days the rest have trickled in. I'm only waiting on one list (Higgins!) and then I'll post them to the players and on here. The participants seem attracted to the new Magic Items, if not the spells.

I pulled out my Creature Caster models over the weekend and cleared away the flash and extra lugs. They are now sitting in a vat of soapy water as the detergent tries to penetrate the film of mold release agent on them.

During the week I have been reading "The Gathering Storm". I have almost finished "The Fall of Cadia" and then have "The Fracture of the Biel-Tan" to read. Nice to see the story move along in the 40k universe.

On Sunday morning I had a game against Ryan in preparation for WSS-Summer. The Battle Report will be up later today. I had spent some time during the week looking at different deployment strategies and undertaking some mathhammer. This helped crystallise some thoughts about my list.

On the 3D print front, I'm chewing through the Trenchworks but didn't finish the project because I needed to replace my print surface. The new material is on and I'm back up running.

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