Wednesday, March 29, 2017

KOW - Hammer of Measured Force

When the COK 2017 rules Update was released we got the addition of ten new magic artefacts. It is fair to say that the item that most divided opinion was the Hammer of Measured Force. This item allows you to always wound the enemy in Melee on a 4+ regardless of any modifiers.

When I saw this item, my immediate thought was "That looks useful". Ten seconds of further thought generated "It's a trap". I quickly moved to the camp that this was at best a very situational item.

Why? Well against De 2+, 3+ and 4+ units you are worse off than if you hadn't taken it. Against De 5+ there are probably better alternatives and against De 6+ you'll probably struggle to use it (think how many times you charge units with TC into units with Phalanx).

I'm not saying it won't be valuable in some situations and in highly skewed metas. Rather, that in an all-comers list it is likely to be sub-optimal.

For 20 points can get the Lute that 75% of the time will give you a better outcome versus De3-4 units, the same against De 5 and worse vs. De 6. It can also be used on other units if the requirement is not there. For 10 points more you can give the unit that outcome 100% of the time. Overall I think the Lute - if available is the better option.

The second reason why I think it's benefit is partly illusory, is that as soon as the item is declared a smart opponent is going to clog you up with De 4 and below opposing units. Yes you can use it to dictate deployment but remember that works both ways - your opponent deploys to minimise effect while you have to deploy to maximise.

The unit is probably best used on a high Movement value unit. But that unit needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Decent Melee value
  • High number of attacks
  • No De modifiers
  • Fly, to avoid being chaffed up
  • Vicious if possible


This limits the number of really suitable candidates - Empire of Dust Scavengers spring to mind. But remember they are still worse off against all but De 5/6 units. There may be other?

So fair to say I'm not a big fan of the item.

However we have now had 4-5 weeks of "community use". Are others seeing it used effectively - and I'm thinking more in a tournament setting rather than I played my mate's Wall of De 6 Dwarfs. If so how are you assessing it effectiveness? What advantage is it bringing you? And how are you employing it?



  1. I tried this on my succubi once and was fortunate enough to get them into a De6 Tree Herder. Which was nice.

    Then I decided it could be really annoying and dropped it in favour of the Helm of the Ram. At WSS, however, I realised I tend to try to put my succubi in terrain to have people charge them at -2 to hit, so the helm isn't great either.

    I can see an argument for going back to the Hammer, assuming I'm running two regiments of succubi. Sure, people could throw low defence units at them, but then they'd be shredded by the other regiment. Possibly two regiments of succubi one of which has the Hammer would leave people with no good options for engaging succubi.

    The Hammer may also compensate for a weakness in my list which is that struggles a bit against De5/6 armies (i.e. Dorfs).

    I think it would also work well on anvil units, since many hammers are De5. I've been working on a list in which I can include a Chroneas, which will have a horde of lower abyssals. I might try the hammer on them.

  2. Bugger - I thought it was always hits on a 4+. Senior eyes lol. Should have gone to specsavers.

    1. Now that would be a cool item, boost a weak unit AND prevent the -1 to hit from hindered charges

  3. I've earmarked this one for my flank anchor regiment of tallspears. With 15 attacks and Phalanx, I'm hoping it's sufficient to put off my arch-rival's regiment of soul reaver cav, which is good enough for me at 160 points

    1. Oh dear, I just did the math hammer on that, and they're wavering after the first charge. Hmmmmmm.

    2. Still, decent enough against most other heavy cav.

  4. a variable factor to consider is the weakness spell, which is not prevalent yet but will become so... perhaps that would make the HoMF a bit more desirable?

    1. Or will the presence of the Hammer make Weakness less attractive? :-)

      Good point. We haven't seen everything shake out yet.