Wednesday, March 15, 2017

KOW - WSS: Summer Lists

We have the first KoW tournament of the year for Wellington this weekend. There are ten participants signed up and with lists submitted.

The range of armies is as follows:

  • Orcs x2
  • Varangur x2
  • Undead 
  • Forces of Nature
  • Dwarfs
  • Forces of the Abyss
  • Ogres
  • The Herd
You can download the lists here

We will be using the Norwegian Map Pack and are playing four scenarios - Invade, Loot, Dominate and Control - using the Clash of Kings 2017 rules.

I thought I'd break down some of the stats around the lists to give an idea of our local meta.

Drops - The number of deployment drops each army has ranges from 11 (Undead 11) to 15 (Orcs). The average is 12.8

User Strength - User Strength ranges from 14 (Varangur) to 21 (Orcs). The average is 18.3

Magic Items - Armies have spent on average 71 points on Magic Items. This ranges from 30 points (Varangur) to 135 points (Undead).

42% of the Magic Item spend has been on new Clash of Kings Magic Artefacts. Three are particularly popular - Healing Brew (6), Blood of the Old King (5) and Lute of Insatiable Darkness (5).

Six of the ten new items have been taken by at least one player. The four spurned items are the Sparkstone, the Hammer, the Zephyr Crown and the Dragonshard Shield.

Of the rulebook magic items, 15 out of the remaining 37 items have been taken. This gives us 21 out of the 47 total Magic Items being used in a ten person event.

Spells - none of the new spells are being used. Heal, Lightning Bolt, Bane Chant and Fireball remain the popular choices.

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