Thursday, March 9, 2017

KOW - Healing Brew

Last week I surmised that we were going to get awfully used to hearing the sound of the Lute. The Clash of Kings Organised Play book introduced ten new items that units/individuals could take and the Lute looked the best of them - turning an army standard bearer into a mage.

Another item that looks like it will get a lot of use is the Healing Brew which allows you to recover D3 points of damage that you have previously suffered. And all this for the princely sum of 5 points.

It's Not Going to Taste Nice if its Good for You

Part of the attraction is the low points cost. KOW works on 5 point increments so at any time it is likely that you will have a leftover 5 points you are looking to fill. In the past you may have bought the War-Bow, Blade of Slashing or Blade of Crushing (my favourite was Fire-Oil). However I believe that the Healing Brew will now be the go-to item.

The ability to recover 2 +/- 1 wounds for 5 points looks a bargain. I suspect you'll see it on high Defence units or on those units that operate in a tactically advanced role. The eyeball test suggests that it may be slightly underpointed with 10 points seeming more appropriate.

I intend using it in my Herd on a Horde of Lycans. It acts as a back-up to their Regeneration allowing them to more safely operate in a manner that maximises their speed. The Rules Committee have indicated that as both Regeneration and use of the brew occur when you issue an order that it is up to the owning player as to the order you resolve. Therefore you should regen first, heal second.

Expect to see it becoming the brew of choice in the coming months.


  1. If only I could still use this new item to get my horde 5pt above the other horde and win based on pts instead of unit strength...

  2. I certainly have some uses for this. Ogres being pretty much without any healing.

  3. Yep, definitely worth its 5 points, should probably be 10 points at least. Those De6 will definitely appreciate it.