Thursday, March 30, 2017

KOW - Monstrous Reinforcements Arrive

March is the Seerlord's birthday and I always try to steer my lovely wife towards hobby purchases to celebrate the day.

This year friend of the blog, Caleb Watson put an alert out on the KOW Fanatics page that Mierce Miniatures were having a "Monster" sale. If you bought one monster you got another one up to the same value free. The Mierce Miniatures models are some of the nicest in the market and generally retail for between GBP 35 - 70. This was therefore a great opportunity to get some high class models at a discounted price. Who needs Kickstarter?

With some adroit ordering I managed to maximise my savings and sent off my order early March. Three weeks later they arrived just in time for the celebrated day. I bought 4 models and got four free. Here are the reinforcements. That is a painted 40k Ork in the centre for scale.

As always the Mierce castings are superb - minimal flash and a great fit. I have some minimal greenstuffing to do to fill gaps but they really do set the standard for resin casting.

I have an immediate fit for the winged fellow in the front as an Avatar of the Father. The other three pictured will find places in my Night Stalker, Abyssal Dwarf and Varrangur armies.

The two Wolves will be my second Lycan Horde while I'm undecided on the others but I'm sure a suitable home will be found.

So thanks to Mrs. Morskitta, thanks to Caleb for the heads up and thanks to Mierce for great castings and service.


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