Monday, July 12, 2010

GW Drops The Ball

After all the good work GW has done with 8th Edition they dropped a big one with the pdf updates for the existing army books.

One shining characteristic of the new rules is the fantastic job Mat Ward has done in providing clarity. Great use of diagrams backed up by clear unambiguous text throughout the book makes it a pleasure to read and the game easy to play.

But why oh why didn't that rigor continue over to the pdfs GW released on Friday.

I can take the change in stats and also the 180 degree turns in rulings but there is no real excuse for the contradictory language that been seen in some of the pdfs. In some cases these are critical to how an item or an army plays.

Two examples:

1) The Ring of Hotek - the errata and FAQ ruling are contradictory. Nobody is now sure whether it only works if the Ring is within 12'" of the caster or whether it continues to work as in 7th

2) Strength in Numbers/Steadfast - Are Rats steadfast on the generals Ld + SIN? Most people believe they know the intent of this rule but others are equally vehement in their interpretation. Potentially army-breaking and it could have been avoided with a little care.

I could go on - the stupid Wardancer ruling re dances etc.

It looks like GW rushed these through in an afternoon to be honest. And it could have been avoided by canvasing their playtest group.

The good news is that GW are looking like releasing v1.1 later this week. Well their response is admirable it could have been unnecessary with a little effort

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