Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Victory Points

One of the biggest changes in 8th Edition (and one that has received little coverage as yet) is how victory points are determined.

To score any VPs at all for "kills" you must now wipe out a unit/model or have it fled off the table during the game. No more half points for characters, no more VPs for fleeing units - 8th just got a lot more brutal.

So what does this mean for army design? Well last week I faced a Khorne Marauder horde of 50 and killed all but 2 models from shooting. Guess what? No VPs for me.

As a result I am now factoring into my army units that can act as the "clean-up crew". This units/models have the potential to do enough damage to depleted units to harvest the points. For Skaven, Gutter Runners with slings, Warlock Engineers with Warp Lightning or Warpmusket fill this role. Lizards might use Terradons, Daemons Screamers or single Fiends.

All armies have their candidates for what will be an important new role.

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