Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 8th Edition Warhammer Rulebook

Prior to the release of the 8th Ed Rulebook you could visit any internet forum and you didn't have to stay long to stumble over a thread that bemoaned the price of the new rules and commentary on how GW was gouging its customers.

Fast forward two weeks after release andvisit the same forums and you struggle to find a complaint.

Yes, the book is more expensive than in the past - but look at what you get compared to previous editions. Five hundred plus full colour pages that are a celebration of the hobby we enjoy. Well I might be starting to sound like a fanboi, I do think that the full rulebook is integral to the 8th Ed experience.

There has been a seachange from 7th to 8th and the new rulebook is a demonstration of that. The new edition is as much about the spectacle of the game as it is about the rules. So in the new book you get not only a far tighter rules system that seems to introduce more fun and remove niggle from the game, you also get an introduction to what the game can be. 300+ pages of eye candy that gives you inspiration to get more out of your hobby.

Yes, I'm sure that most of us will read through it once and then put it on the shelves once we get hold of our mini rulebooks. Every now and then we'll get it out to look at something, reference a model and I'll bet spend an extra five minutes reading pages we stumble across.

But the important thing is that the seed has been planted. More terrain, bigger games etc.

Hopefully the demonstration of the spectacle by GW in the rulebook will inspire people to devote time and energy on the aesthetics of their armies.

The lack of complaints at the moment shows that a large proportion of their customer base is for now "drinking the Kool-Aid".

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