Friday, July 30, 2010

The Pilgrimage

My next tournament, and the first 8th Edition event I'll attend, is being held in Sydney in two weeks time. Pilgrimage is run by the Sydney Battle Pilgrims and 2010 will be its third year.

This is a slightly different event. Firstly, it is at 2300 points which is rare for this neck of the woods - about 80% of Australasian events are pitched at 2250 points. Secondly, it is aimed at developing new tournament players.

To achieve this second aim, the tournament has a reduced entry price for new tournament goers and they try to match new players up with experienced gamers who take on a mentoring role.

I'll be traveling over with one of my Club members, Tim. Tim has been playing for just over six months and this will be his first Australian event. We've spent the last couple of months playing games, constructing lists and looking at various strategies - both in-game and tournament-wide. Both of us have found it very useful - Tim because he has someone to bounce ideas off and me because I've found it useful to have to gather my ideas into some form of useful strategy.

I applaud the Battle Pilgrims for following this path. In the long term it helps both the new player and the mentor and increases both of their enjoyment.

Check back in two weeks to see how we got on.

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