Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 1" Rule

Having played a few games of 8th now, I certainly am a supporter of the new pre-measuring regime. It removes so much of the potential for niggle in the game.

I believe the major remaining source of conflict surrounds the new 1" rule. The rule requires that a unit is always at least 1" away from friend or foe except when you are charging.

The rule is very clear but do people see it being rigidly enforced in their games, particularly in tournament games? Personally I intend deploying/moving my units so that they are 2" away from each other (I play Skaven so this does have a marked impact e.g. the reliance on General's Ld, BSB etc). However am I wrong to expect opponent's to also adhere to it?

I can see situations where on Turn 4 my opponent wants to make a maneuver which contravenes this rule and takes exception to be being "anal" about adherence to it.

My current thinking is that this is an issue that needs to be clearly discussed at the outset of the game.

Just to show that this is potentially an issue, here is a link to a thread I posted on

As you can see respondants are split on exactly how they will play it - spectrum covers "Ignore It" to "Insist on It".

All I can say is that you and your opponent should discuss it prior to deployment, especially early in 8th until etiquette emerges


  1. Deploying yr own units 2" away not only stops enemy units from moving through them it is also mandatory now if you want to be able to wheel and move each unit effectively. Horde units in particular are difficult to move - trying it with blocks of 40-50 HE Spearmen is a nightmare if you dont deploy properly.

  2. After a few games it is becoming second nature now. I'm pointing it out to my opponents (mainly in the context of my own movement) so that it becomes the norm.

    The other thing we are doing is measuring everything BEFORE we roll dice. Life is far more relaxed :-)