Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Stone Thrower - Direct/Indirect

One thing that wasn't addressed in the FAQ concerned direct/indirect fire with a stone thrower.

The important rules are as follows:

(Pg 114)"To fire a stone thrower, take the small round (3") template and place it anywhere completely within the war machine's line of sight, outside the stone thrower's minimum range and within its maximum range."

(Pg 115) "An indirect shot does not require line of sight but is otherwise treated as a normal shot....."

Now I would contend that these two rules only cover two of potentially three possibilities.

The first rule is clearly a direct shot but the phrase "completely within the war maxchine's line of sight" is restrictive. The second rule is clearly an indirect shot and this does not require any line of sight.

So what about the third possibility? Where the target is within line of sight but the template can't be placed completely within the war machine's line of sight". I don't believe that the rules cover this possibility. The recent FAQ gives us nothing to go on either for this instance.

If asked to rule at a tournament one way or the other I would be inclined to go with a hybrid - if you can place the template so the centre hole is over the target model and completely in line of sight then it is a direct shot.

This ruling is clearly assumption because as I said I don't believe we have an answer in the rulebook.

Appreciate any thoughts? Comments?

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