Sunday, July 25, 2010

8th Ed Combo #1

Ran into my first real 8th Ed combo today.

Lvl 4 High Elf Mage with Book of Hoeth and Shadow Magic. Banner of Sorcery in the army.

Deployed a 50 man unit of Lothern Sea Guard in front of me. The eyes of the Plague Priest on the Furnace lit up and it gets deployed in front of it. Up goes the Storm Banner.

44 shots at the Furnace do nothing (as per odds) but squeaky cheeks moment when the Miasma reduces the Plague Priest's Initiative by 3 and then he passes the follow-up Pit of Shades by rolling a "1".

The Furnace trundles off towards the LSG. My magic and shooting is ineffectual and then the trap is sprung.

The Seaguard charge the Furnace and the Priest thinks Xmas has come early. The High Elf springs Mindrazor and with the Book of Hoeth there is very little I can do to stop it....besides pray.

No such luck. ASF plus higher Init plus 15 Str 8 attacks ensures the Furnace is little more than matchwood.

Well done to my opponent.

Having seen the Book of Hoeth in action with Shadow and the backing of a lot of dice (3 channels plus Banner of Sorcery) I'll treat it with more respect next time. Far more than a one trick pony it is a very effective combo.


  1. Hoeth + Shadow is by far the most favoured combo for Archmages when you peruse the Ulthuan forums. That and book of Ashur for players who want to offer their mage some protection.

  2. Cheers John.

    Where it worked particularly well against me was in teaming it with what I saw as a nice big swathe of free points. I took it hook, line and sinker.

    So are we going to see this type of combo in your HEs?

  3. Most likely I will be trying it out this week at 2400pts during a club game - play testing for Skitterleap. Although I think Lore of Life also has a lot to offer it. The problem is if you take book of Hoeth it makes the mage completely unprotected as is very much a one shot kind of deal.

    Dwarfs are coming out for Call to Arms though :)