Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Review - Battle Magic Cards (GW)

With the release of the new edition Games Workshop have released a set of cards covering each of the spells in the 8 main lores. I recently received my set and fully recommend them to all players.

Each card has a full description of the spell (effect, casting values etc) as well as the specific attribute of that lore. Given you can now only take one of each spell from a given lore (sans signature) they can be used in game to designate at a glance what each wizard has. If your opponent wants to know what a particular wizard has and how it works then you can just pass him the card and he can read it himself.

I have been using a set of home-produced cards for my Skaven and it stops a lot of confusion and reduces the chances of mistakes/misunderstandings.

GW intend doing a set for each of the race-specific lores - and indeed have produced a set for Beastmen. These sets are likely limited run and I understand that the Beastmen one is already sold out. The next in line are Daemons and I have pre-ordered to ensure I get a set.

While a lot of the aids GW release can be thought of as gimmicky and of limited value, this is certainly not one of them. Pick yourself up a set, you won't regret it.

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