Monday, July 12, 2010

The Horde

Played against the "horde" yesterday and my experiences back up my initial thoughts.

To generate 50 models, shortcuts need to be taken - usually in the form of protection. This leaves them very susceptible to shooting and magic.

They are also vulnerable to a unit that can hit them on a restricted frontage with higher initiative.

In yesterday's game a Furnace with Monk on each side hit them on the charge. This restricted the attacks of the GW Khorne Marauders to 30 attacks. As some had to be put on the Champion and others on the Furnace there was only limited numbers that could hit the PM unit. My Skaven didn't roll particularly well but the Horde was still on Snake Eyes to hold in combat.

Yes it could go deeper but that tends to go against why you are using it in the first place.

Personally I hold with the view I expressed in an earlier post. The Horde is one of the new shiny toys in 8th and it will get a run early in the ruleset when people don't know how to handle it. Over time people will work up their tactics and it will become less come.

I think blocks no larger than 30-35 will become the norm.

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