Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Product Review - Large Pine Wood (Battlefront)

One of the great new features of 8th Edition Warhammer is how much better battlefields look. With the change to terrain rules, there is now no real obstacle (no pun intended) to have a battlefied covered in great looking terrain.

At the recent NatCon I received a prize of Battlefront's "Battlefield in a Box" terrain. In this case it was their "Large Pine Wood". The great thing about these sets are that they are suitable for 15mm right through to 28mm wargaming.

The box came with 5 trees on approximately 40mm plastic bases, a tree stump on the same sized base as well as two outline "wood" bases. Included in the box was a small bag of static grass to finish off the bases. This again is smart thinking by Battlefront because it gives you the option to use an alternative static grass to match the colour of your table top.

The effort required to get these ready for tabletop is literally 5 minutes and they provide both a great looking feature of one that has plenty of in-game convenience. The one alteration I intend making is to fit rare earth magnets to the bases and base board. This will ensure that the trees are easily knocked over and go in their original position (TLOS driven).

They are also very reasonably priced at around USD 25 from an online seller such as Maelstrom Games.

A big thumbs up to Battlefront!!!!

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