Monday, January 17, 2011

Deathguard - Time for some 40k

My first GW game was 40k and it's been awhile since I ran the models around.

I started with Black Templar, the Orks and Nids but very quickly gravitated to Chaos Space Marines. I really loved the Deathguard and Emperor's Children and they became my two armies of choice.

Around here, and Australia, I had a bit of success with the armies through 3rd and 4th Edition. However, by the time 5th Ed turned up I had moved onto Fantasy. So really it's been 4-5 years since I played seriously.

Over the weekend I was looking at the model cabinet and thought I'd like to get the Deathguard out again.

Here's the list I'm looking at initially:

Daemon Prince - Wings, Warptime, MoN

3x 7 Plague Marines 2x melta, AC with Power Fist and Combiweapon
1x 7 Plague Marines 2x flamers, AC with Power Fist and Combiweapon
1x 7 Plague Marines 2x Plasmaguns

4x Rhinos 2x combimelta, 1x combiflamer

2x 2 Oblits

So that's my list. No tournaments for me but I hope after a few months I'm back taking names.....


  1. Pete,
    Just trust me on this one; it's a mech's world out there. Without a bit of mobility (that we all remember makes Plague Marines Fast Attack choices in the good old days), you'll find it a hard slog!
    My 2c.
    PS. Welcome back; it's good to see.

  2. Yeah Pete, that will work nicely mate :)