Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's "Sook"

Well yesterday’s post on the “ripple effect” caused a few ripples of its own.

On one of the forums I was accused of having a “sook” by one reader who cut and pasted the post. The Dogcon Organiser, Ken Ferris (who is a mate) laid out his thoughts which were that 8th Edition needs such changes to take it from the realms of “Garage” game to “Tournament” game.

I think that these types of discussion are healthy. I get to understand the thoughts of others and hopefully, if I explain my points clearly, they understand mine.

That said, I’m still very much of the view that by applying a fix for one aspect of the game you don’t like just moves the problem somewhere else. I get images of Bugs Bunny trying to plug leaks in a dyke at risk from floodwaters.

Gamers are generally smart people. If one aspect changes – be it rule, scenario or army composition – they adapt…….and the metagame shifts.

Limiting Big Magic has a huge effect. As noted yesterday it removes a major threat from combat-based death stars. So people are rewarded for taking combat based armies.

Is it really any surprise that the top two armies at DogCon were Warriors of Chaos and Vampire Counts? Good generals cutting the cloth that fits.

Good luck to Ken, he tried something different and it had the effect he thought it would – there were less spells cast with Irresistible Force. I’ll still stick to the point that it had other effects too.

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