Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New FAQs Out - including Rulebook and Skaven

Thanks to the wonders of Grotsnot on Warhammer.org.uk's FAQ Checker, when I got up this morning I was alerted to updated FAQs. These include the Rulebook (v1.3)and the Skaven (v1.4).

The one of most interest (concern, shock, horror) to Skaven is that Strength in Numbers (SiN) no longer counts for unmodified Leadership. An emergency meeting of the Council of Thirteen is currently underway to alert all Skaven characters to the dangers of Death Magic once again. I have no doubt Clan Eshin assassins are en route to Nottingham to deal with those responsible. Quite obviously Mr. Vetock has been seduced by the Greenskins and taken his eye off the Skaven ball. It is unlikely that he will make further such mistakes!

Apart from that the most important changes/clarifications concern

* Monsters and Handlers where some of the rules are cleared up - pretty much mimicking how I have seen the majority of events rule it.

* Skirmishers now get -3 to be hit if in a building

* Minimum casting value = minimum casting value for dispelling RIP spells (a certain TO for DogCon loses the bet with me on that one - hopefully cheque is in the post)

The one that will cause most angst is the clarification that breaking troops flee directly away from the centre of the unit it is fleeing from. I know most of us have been playing it as perpendicular.

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