Saturday, January 29, 2011


So back from the Chaos Wastes and the rats have their tails between their legs....those that still have their tails!!

Tim managed to give me a right smacking - he won by 532 points - taking out all my support units as I tried to stop the steamroller.

Notable points were me losing both of my Engineers when the Hellcannon misfired and inflicted a miscast on all magic users; the Chosen getting their 3+ Ward and then +1 T from the Warshrine; the Hell Pit Abomination disappearing to a single Fireball (all 17 hits of it) and the WoC BSB stealing Warp Lightning and then rolling "1" for number of hits both time he cast it.

Great fun game that Tim completely dominated. Well done.

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  1. G'day Pete,

    I'm still lurking in the wilds of Waiouru, but I thought I'd commiserate with you. Tim did the same to me, well, a lot worse actually; he was 5 Longbeard Rangers away from completely tabling me.... I got about 1,000 points off him, but he obliterated everythin I had pretty much. If my Organ Gun and Grudge Thrower don't knock off a few ranks of Chaos Warriors, he just ripsaws through my army, and that's exactly what happened. And that was after my Dragonslayer held up his Chosen funbus (I like that name) for three phases by himself.

    I'm wracking my brains trying to work out how to deal with this. I think I need to make sure that we roll Battle for the Pass all the time.