Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not as Cutting Edge as I Thought!!!!

GW have released new Weapons Teams over the past few months – Warpfire Thrower and Poisoned Wind Mortar in Island of Blood, Doomflayer and Warpgrinder in the Second Wave.

But no Ratling Gun!

I thought I had had a really good idea for a conversion of that Weapons Team. Take the new Warpgrinder and remove the Warpstone Bit then replace it with a stripped down Assault Cannon from 40k.


Assembled all the bits and then started reading my new Skaven Heraldry/Uniform book. About halfway through there is a picture of a Ratling Gun that is almost exactly that.

So my “novel” conversion becomes run-of-the-mill.

Oh well……still think it looks good (hopefully have pics up next week once it is painted) – and at least there is a use for the new Warpgrinder model.

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