Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rat Came Knocking - Well He Didn't Actually

On Sunday I had a game with my new list – the Skaven Utility Company (for all your telephone, electrical and gas needs) – against Tom’s Daemons.

Tom has worked himself up a pretty honed Daemon list with:

Lvl 4 GUO
Lvl 2 Herald of Tzeentch with Master of Sorcery toting Life
Herald of Khorne BSB with Banner of Sundering
Herald of Khorne, Firestorm Blade

2x 30 Bloodletters – one with extra charge Banner
2x 5 Furies

2 single Fiends
6 Flamers

We rolled up Watchtower which is pretty much his best scenario and my worst. Why? Removing 30 Bloodletters with attached Herald from a building is virtually impossible other than by magic given they always have Init 5 and Hatred.

I won the rolloff and said he could have the tower. He had nothing to put in so it remained empty. I made one error at this point I should have blocked access to the tower by scouting with Gutter Runners then sacrificing them first turn. I didn’t and he did the dirty reform into the tower on the first turn.

The game was excellent from here. I ignored the block in the tower and concentrated on the second block to try and take it out of the game. Did this to a point and also removed Flamers, Fiends and Furies. At one stage I had the three Slave blocks fighting the second Bloodletter block, GUO and Fiend and found that the Bell was excellent in supporting this combat – 18” inspiring presence plus re-roll Leadership tests. The army seems to have a stronger backbone…if less hitty power.

I did cheat – well I am Skaven after all! I joined the BSB to the Bell unit after deployment and I also continued casting after failing to dispel a RIP spell with my Grey Seer. Neither was really crucial but lessons learned.

In the end we had 5 turns and Tom had his Bloodletters with 10 left in the building. I had left things one turn to late.

I think my tactics were sound and thought Tom played very well…it is a hard match up for Skaven.

Really fun game and again reinforced my love of scenarios and the inclusion of random game length.

Worked out that I need to get better at using Weapon Teams...I'm not convinced as to their ability but I'm determined to use them

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