Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skaven Magic Cards - Get Them Quick!

This weekend sees the release of Skaven Magic Cards from Games Workshop. In the set you get the 6 Lore of Ruin cards, the 6 Lore of Plague cards and the Curse of the Horned Rat (the Dreaded 13th Spell) card.

My understanding is that these sets have already sold out at GWUK online so if you are after a set I would get in quick.

I certainly recommend getting them as they make the Magic Phase far easier for you and your opponent. Firstly, you can put them on your side as an aide to what spells you have and secondly, if your opponent asks you can hand him the card and he can read it himself. This absolves you of all responsibility when your Skaven magic destroys his army!

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  1. Oooooo... Thanks for the heads up! I will be at a shop first thing on Sat!