Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Game with New List

So my opponent pulled the old switcheroo on me and turned up with Ogres.

Really interesting to play against - very difficult for Skaven, I think.

My hoped for magic dominance never eventuated and we battled to a tight draw.

The Ogres present some real problems for the rats....given me a bit to think about!


  1. Hi, would you mind expanding a bit on why they are difficult for Skaven? (When you have some time!)

  2. Couple of reasons:

    Firstly they are less susceptible to Skaven spells....typically theses are either template bases, do a single wound and/or best suited versus infantry. Scorch for instance loses a lot of its effect as does Plague.

    Secondly following on from this our shooting is less effective. Something like the DR or the PCC loses a lot of its sting....the WLC is a better option vs Ogres.

    Thirdly their additional attacks - Bull Charge and then Stomp - mean you are getting a lot of attacks against you.

    There are ways to attack them but I'll leave that for another post :-)