Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Season Openers

February sees the season openers for the 2011 tournament season here in New Zealand.

First off the bat is Warclouds in Christchurch. This year this is a Warhammer Doubles event being TO'd by Darren Urquhart (warpmaster on most forums). I hope this is a raging success as I'd love to see the Doubles format become a staple on the tournament calender.

The second weekend in February sees Over the Top in Hamilton. Ryan Simister has stepped in late to TO this event. OTT is one of the few (only?) NZ events to allow Special Characters - though I understand only one of each is allowed at the event.

Third event (and third weekend in February) is FluffyCon at the Battlecry convention in Auckland. This event is unique in this part of the world. Emphasis is on soft and fluffy lists and getting out those units that are rarely seen on the table. This year's TO is David Stent (fujin) and he's done a great job in getting 30+ players along to what promises to be a fascinating tournament. I know there are a few tickets left so if you can support it then drop into the City Guard forums for details.

So that is the February calender.

As far a I know March is looking very light. Equinox is on the third weekend in March, also in Auckland. This is being run by Phil Wu (wouster on the forums) and will use the ETC restrictions. Last year it attracted 30+ gamers so hopefully this year there will be similar support.

Good luck to all the event organisers. I know the hard work that goes into these tournaments and you deserve to be supported by the community.


  1. More more more of your great Wellington events please Pete. April - Oct when theres no cricket would be perfect :)

  2. definitely, will make the trip from tauranga, more lead in time the better for grabba seat..

    Will need to bring kids down to see their grandparents so the models can go on with out having to pay for the extra bag... I think a citadel case would be a little difficult to pass off as carry on.....

  3. OTT allowed duplicate Special Characters this year. Go Karl Franz's!