Saturday, November 23, 2013

NZ Masters Lists Released

The twelve lists for the NZ Masters to be held in two weeks have been released and can be found here

We have:

3 Warriors of Chaos
2 Empire
2 Daemons of Chaos
1 Lizardmen
1 Chaos Dwarf
1 High Elves
1 Dark Elves
1 Skaven


  1. Good spread of armies, great to see.

    1. just under 50% of the field WOC/DOC not that exciting mate :)

    2. I can understand your concerns re the WoC but also the Empire. Looks like you've taken the wrong law. Kill the've got nothing.

    3. feel free to believe that Pete :) grammar police it's Lore - but happy with Shadow it has been excellent so far. And if all else fails I can always join Hamish and the 6 dice crew with Mind razor

    4. Unfortunately for you, you are not playing DILFs at the Masters...oh,no he went there :-)

  2. Been reading Plastic Krak's view on the Masters lists but for some reason can't leave a comment. So I thought I'd paste it here.

    Understand your need to support your new NZTC team mate but I just don't see it. Rory's list is no more subtle or multi-dimensional than Hamish's (yet strangely Hamish cops the brickbats).

    Looks like Rory is conscious of last year's experience and determined not to take the big Day 2 losses again. For that he has consigned himself to a series of 11-9 and 10-10 results unless his opponent brainfarts. The stark reality is that he is not in Tauranga now, this field is far stronger.

    The list is just so safe and steeped in points denial. It might put him in top half but it's not going to win it for him. From my own point of view I'm far happier that he is rocking this rather than Vamps and I feel he has missed a trick not scaring the bejesus out of the WOC players by going scream list. Using VC would have been good ETC practice for ETC as well.

    1. I was talked out of running something different by Henry and Gray. The plus side is I do know this list fairly well having played 12 games with it at two tournaments. And given that my week looks like gridiron Mon/Weds nights and rugby league pre-season training on Tues/Thurs nights, plus gridiron game on Saturday AND powerlifting trainings when I get the chance - the devil you know is the safest bet.

    2. Yep totally understand.

      I can just see it being a very frustrating weekend. Your average opponent has 10 drops to your 6 - and that's before they start character games.

      I'm sure you'll have strategies to address that but the nature of the field is a step up from TBM and GC.

      IMO you would have less frustration with the Vamps.

      But I could be completely wrong and you'll win six great games big.

    3. I'm pretty relaxed about the whole affair. Initially I was really super-competitively amped for it, but now I just want to be as relaxed as I can. Obviously there's a couple in the field that I do not wish to lose to (and they shall remain nameless!) and I may have to commit seppuku if I lose to them (jokes).
      I will grace the pages of my blog with a write up (like I did last year) poking fun at everyone participating.....everyone should take what I say with a pinch of salt as I plan on bending the truth a little :P