Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Best Army Iconholders

Yesterday saw the end of the 2013 tournament season and I thought I'd spotlight who finished up as the best performed general in each of the Warhammer races for 2013.

Skaven - Pete Dunn

Warriors of Chaos - Ross Hillier-Jones

Daemons of Chaos - Sam Campbell

Lizardmen - Mal Patel

High Elves - Peter Williamson

Ogre Kingdoms - James Brown

Chaos Dwarfs - Richard Barby

Empire - Joel van de Ven-Long

Beastmen - Locky Reid

Bretonnians - Antony Kitson

Wood Elves - James Cardno

Vampire Counts - Basil Moskovis

Orcs & Goblins - Henry Poor

Tomb Kings - Paul Dalton

Dwarfs - Tane Woodley

Dark Elves - Sean Robertson

Congratulations to everyone who secured an icon. Also congrats to Sam Whitt for playing in the most events and using the most different armies


  1. Well done to everyone. The DE will return to me next year though!

  2. Well done gentlemen's, so many sublime masters of their Warhammer race.

  3. neither are chaos dwarfs, but you still put them in.

  4. What I wasn't the Skaven Icon holder? I declare shenanigans! I totally remember wiping the floor with Pete every time I play him :)

    Dave A