Monday, November 25, 2013

NZ Masters Predictions

Looking at the Masters lists I think it makes for a very very hard fought event but already a view things are starting to coalesce.

By far the best list on show is Locky's Empire list. This really has all the tools to take apart a lot of the other armies in offer. I know I certainly don't want to play it. Three cannons. Hell blaster. 1+ armour out the wazoo backed up with Light Council. If Locky can steer this beast in anything like the correct fashion then he'll waltz the event. However it remains a big "if".

If I was framing a book then Dan Butler would be a very short priced favourite. Clearly the best of the northerners he has the list, skills and temperament to take out this year's Masters. The only question mark is that while he can dominate northern events, he has never done it on a wet and windy Sunday in Wellington. However I have an inkling that in his home town this could be his year.

The other big chance is the reigning Master. The list he has put together has real potential to get the big wins. As always he'll be underestimated especially by the Twitterati for whom the enfant terrible remains an unknown quantity. Be warned social media junkies at 18 this is his third visit to the Masters and he is also a member of NZTC champions the Von Trapps. The only impediment is his lack if recent match practice.

As for the rest of us I think we just have to be realistic, know our role and enjoy the experience. We've all "Achieved" just by being there. But remember there are no street parades for 6th.

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  1. [q]But remember there are no street parades for 6th.[/q]

    Only for second.