Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Masters - Phoney War

Masters lists are due in this weekend and we are already seeing an outbreak of the Phoney War.
All sorts of games are being played on Twitter and by email, as the more insecure Masters participants try to get a handle on what the weekend holds for them. This is most obvious in the Masters rookies who – let’s face it – are just happy to get a ticket to the dance. In their most honest moments I’m sure they visit dark places where they know they will be in for a number of sound beatings over the weekend.

So we have pictures posted on Twitter of WIP models for an army not being taken. We have numerous builds being discussed trying to bluff people into thinking that some weird unit or build is being contemplated. There is talk of borrowing armies some of which they’ve never run (Tip: it will neither increase nor decrease your chances). Personally, I had 3-4 emails and 2-3 DMs from people looking to borrow armies or individual units. All this in a sad attempt to try and determine the machinations of Chez Dunn or to construct a bluff in the hope that they will be taken seriously. One particularly sad individual has asked to borrow models for three different armies such is his clear confusion ahead of list submission.
Then we have the Mathhammer battles going on if Unit A meets unit B on a hill, in a storm etc etc etc
Perhaps the saddest are the pleas on twitter and by email to regular visitors to the Dunn-geon to find out what armies they’ve faced.
Sad, sad, sad.
In the end there is only one palatable truth….It doesn’t matter what you bring!


  1. Please add Blogs to the list of where the games are being played out


  2. trying to channel your inner Alex Ferguson Pete? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yenzdq5g6o

  3. Interestingly, the first three Masters were won by players at their FIRST Masters and the last two by players at their second.

    So it would appear Masters experience counts for very little.

    By my reckoning:

    Tom Dunn - 3rd
    Pete Dunn - 4th
    Ross Hillier-Jones - 1st
    Dan Butler - 2nd
    Sam Whitt - 3rd
    Sam Campbell - 1st
    Peter Williamson - 3rd
    Hamish Gordon - 1st
    James Brown - 1st
    Richard Barby - 1st
    Rory Finnemore - 2nd
    Locky Reid - 3rd (maybe 2nd)

    on that basis smart money says Dan or Rory to win

  4. "It doesn’t matter what you bring" QFT.
    I'm goin to have some fun and roll some dice, stuff will happen.

  5. Whatever happens at this years Masters, I know for certain that it will be a scream.