Monday, November 25, 2013

White Dwarf Bouquet

It's not very often that White Dwarf gets much praise from the Internet community, be it blogs, forums or social media. The magazine was relaunched last year - to dome fanfare - but quickly fell back into glorified catalogue mode.

The last few months I have done little more than flick through my subscription issues and look at the pretty pictures. I've given the new dumbed-down Battle Reports a miss and the hobby stuff - away from spruiking the latest models has been patchy to say the least.

However this month I have been pleasantly surprised. I haven't read anything up to and including the Battle Report as yet but the articles post that have been a real eye-openner. The painting showcases are inspirational while the background blurbs on new models have been very informative. There is lots oc great terrain in the photos - mostly 40k - but I spent over an hour going through just the back part of the magazine.

If you haven't bought WD for a while the November issue is a good return issue

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