Friday, November 8, 2013

Special Character Poll

The post early this week on Special Characters sparked enormous comment both on the blog and also Twitter.  I’ve been accused of trolling, playing mind games and implementing diversionary tactics in the lead up to the Masters. In fact, I was asked whether I envied Throgg’s honorific and whether I had considered renaming the site “Fields of Trolls”.

So, let’s address that first. I fundamentally believe that – Special Characters aside – you can play Warhammer straight out of the book with minimal comp. I believe that the external balance between books is currently the best it has been in ten years. However, the inclusion of Special Characters introduces balance considerations. Generally 90% of Special Characters are fine and have no undue influence on army balance. There are though up to 10% who skew normal balance considerations. That is why I don’t like Special Characters.

I thought I’d run a poll with a couple of questions and people can give specific feedback on Special Characters.

Question 1: Should all Special and Named Characters be banned under FOB-Lite Comp?
A. Yes
B.  No

Question 2: If you answered “No” to Q1, should specific characters be banned and/or have restrictions placed on them?
A.  No bans or restrictions
B.  No bans but some restrictions
C.  Some specific characters banned
D.  Mix of bans and restrictions

Question 3: If your answer to Q2 was that some bans and/or restrictions should be included, please list the characters you feel need attention and any suggestions to potential restrictions (if deemed warranted).

Please put your responses in the Comments section. I appreciate the poll is not scientific, probably not balanced and if deconstructed the questions may demonstrate survey bias. That’s just the nature of my unbeautiful mind.


  1. 1. B
    2. B
    3. Only Thorek, Throgg, Epidemius and perhaps Alarielle(combined with her banner and BOTWD) can be really annoying.

    I think I perhaps being swayed to more uncomped but skaven are still more broken than any other thing in the game at the moment.

    1. I change mine to 1.B, 2.A. everything can be beaten.

  2. 1. A
    That's all my input.

  3. 1. B
    2. I think Throgg, Thorek and Epidimius need reining in whether banned or something subtler (remove core trolls, double the tally, remove reroll for Thorek) I don't mind. That said I don't know what Allarielle does.

  4. 1. B
    2. D
    3. Banned: Epedemius, Thorek
    Throgg, only one unit of max 10 trolls count as Core
    Khalida: as per current restrictions
    Kairos: Must choose spells as part of army list creation, not at start of each game
    Allarielle: Either can't be in the same unit as the BOTWD or can't be in the same army list, not sure which.

    Epidemius can't be easily restricted in my mind; limit Beasts and he'll just load up on Drones and Plaguebearers who are pretty awesome when buffed by him. Thorek because everyone will accuse me of bias if I don't put him in the naughty corner..... (I don't think he's that good, but nevermind, leave him out).

    1. You really have it in for Epi, don't you.

      Kairos doesn't need comping as no one takes him because he has been nerfed hard.

    2. Epi is just brain dead though - such a good choice for what it lends the army

    3. Yeah Sam, I'm afraid I do. I really can't see how he can be tempered with restrictions. If he can only take 6-8 Beasts, then load up on Plague Drones and Plaguebearers instead. Not quite as efficient, but pretty damn good.

      What is it, 7 W inflicted gives you S5 Plaguebearers and S6 Drones? Another 7 W gives you T5 Plaguebearers and T6 Drones. Next is Killing Blow for another 7 W. All that for 200 points.

      Like James said, he's just too good. As I've said before, Thorek is in the naughty corner and he costs 505 points. Thorek dreams of being as good as Epidemias.

  5. 1. B
    2. A

    Toughen up and play better

  6. 1) B
    2) B
    3) As a blanket suggestion I'd let all special characters be available so people can use their favourite models but tweak the abilities of the ones perceived as problematic.

    Suggestions for Throgg: As is but no trolls as core. Or make Throgg and Daemon Princes a 0-1 pool.

    Suggestions for Epidemius: As is but has to be on the board. Or change the thresholds to 10/20/30 etc

    Thorek: Don't know enough about the character

    Khalida: Effectively restricted by 500 point unit cap

    Verminlord: Points drop to 300. Strength, Toughness and Attacks raised to 10. ;)


  7. 1. A

    Bans and restrictions just complicate comp, and will result and endless pointless debates. However a few events a year that allow all special characters is good thing for variety.

  8. A.


    I don't think my knowledge of the over all the characters is enough to make specific suggestions. But as a positive I've loved playing with and against special characters working out ways to defeat them has been a thrill, I get an extra buzz battling against them. Having one from my region to lead my an army that is based around has been super cool.

    Not sure who else out there is rocking Allarielle, but in my mind she certainly isn't unbeatable. The high elves require a certain finesse still. Heaven forbid my high elf kin have a unit that people might have to think about before they push it forward.


    1. Apologies - I amend my reply to:
      1 B.
      2. B.


  9. B
    All the comp one needs is don't be a dick