Sunday, November 17, 2013

Masters Lists Submitted

So all Masters lists should now be submitted and we have thread weeks until the actual event.

Tom had a thread day extension from the Umpire as he had uni exams then had to vacate his hostel. He arrived homed last night and lodged his list this morning.

My expectation is that Umpire Carl Templeton will check them this week and we should see them released by next weekend. The Kiwihammer boys have already predicted that it will be a WoC/DoC slugfest with over half the field rocking the denizens of Chaos. Personally I expect to see the Special Character crutch out in force with 3-4 of the Masters rookies looking for them to give them the competitive boost.

Once the Umpire releases the lists I'll post them here so that you can digest them


  1. So two of the Kiwihammer chaps have posted their Masters lists and there are no surprises here.

    I'm hoping Raf enjoys the NZ Masters. Similarly it appears after months of describing something as a net list, the member for the KPIFC is now trying to sell his selection as something unique and innovative. Unfortunately it is neither. The power in the Nurgle meets Tzeentch with Skullcannon support has been clear since about 3 seconds after the release of the book. What is interesting is the crisis in confidence that has seen Epidemius discarded for the GUO.

    1. He is just trying to emulate you Pete and your GUO success. From my point of view I couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to poisoning the GUO

    2. I've taken the GUO just to deal with WOC lists primarily. The 2+ saves agains fire and that have forced me into taking a more balanced against all comers list. Rather than a wall. I'm looking forward to running the skink cloud off the table.