Monday, November 25, 2013

Landspeeder Javelin for Heresy Death Guard

Last night I built my new Forgeworld Landspeeder that will be part of my Death Guard force.

It is a beautifully crisp model, wonderfully detailed and surprisingly hefty.

The variant I've built comes with Missile Pods and a Heavy Bolter. I suspect I will swap the Heavy Bolter out for a Multi-Melta.

The vehicle is crewed by two marines in Mark IV armour. I am going to see if I can swap it for Mk II Crusade or MKIII Iron Armour but I think there are slight scale differences,

The weight of the vehicle means that I'm going to have to use some magnets to attach it to the flying base.

A very nice model and a nice addition to my force, especially given its rules are included in Book 2: Massacre.


  1. looks very nice Pete, is that the GW tool for removing flash and mould lines I see in one of the pics? Any good?

    1. Yes. That tool is fantastic. Probably the one I use more than any other. It doesn't damage the resin or plastic as much as a craft knife can

    2. Actually just looked and can't see it in the picture but it is what I use. just bought some emery boards to finish surfaces (they can be seen)

    3. cool, cheers Pete. I have to clean up my dreadnought at some stage although the prospect of painting it is daunting.