Monday, November 4, 2013

FOB NZ Fantasy Rankings Updated

The WHFB Rankings have been updated for the first event of the 2014 Tournament Season. Over the weekend the inaugural DILFCON was held in Auckland and attracted 14 people.

The player formerly known as the People's Champion, Henry Poor, won the event with Ogres beating two Masters invitees, James "The Unluckiest Man in Warhammer" Brown and Richard Barby.


  1. All hail the former peoples champion!

    1. Huzzah the the Player Formerly Known as the Peoples Champ (PFKPC)! We both had lists written for us but I ended up with the arse end, however it was still a really fun time. I liked the updated player placing table at the end of each round and this would be a nice inclusion for other NZ tournaments. Additionally, I have to say that the Onehunga RSA is a pretty sweet venue too, always love going there, especially the $9 jugs of beer.